Thursday, April 16, 2009

Terrific support!

Ya know? I got to thinking about all that has happened this year and the parents and people behind the scenes that have supported us.  Now that I have a soap box I'll make it public.

Thank you Sue R. for the countless team press releases, advice, encouragement, and fundraising. You rock!!

Thank you Dave R. for the the awesome t-shirts, encouragement, and team goodies. 

Thank you Dan and Leesa U. for the words of encouragement and your calm, understanding nod when I vent about how crazy the kids get.

Thank you Marc S. for mentoring our team and giving us a judges perspective on the technical presentation.

Thank you Cynthia S. for sitting down with a my wife and I a year and a half ago and telling us all about FLL and the satisfaction that comes from coaching a team.

Thank you Carol M. for putting up with my new obsession, for coaching the research project, and taking care of the details I tend to forget. Luv you!

Thank you: Matt, Kristen, Bradley, Marc, and Jake for the fun, pride and memories.


Coach -- got robot?


SuperGotRobotFan said...
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SuperGotRobotFan said...

Love the logo bar at the top of the blog (BR)

SuperGotRobotFan said...

I found another website for some robotics team who would've known (I think thats just their website name though)