Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Research Begins

got robot? views a webcast about biomedical engineering.
The new season begins as it always does with brainstorming and research. This year's FLL theme is called Body Forward and is about biomedical engineering. After a ton of ideas the team decided to narrow our search to anything having to do with the head. 

In addition to research got robot? spent a day doing a lab on the ultrasonic sensor mapping out what it sees on a polar map. We discovered the sensor has a somewhat warped view of the world compared to what we see with our eyes. One thing for sure is this sensor will be a big help in locating targets on the mission mat.

Roger facilitates a brainstorming session.

Ryan and Marc work together mapping an ultrasonic sensor.

Roger and Kristen get a little nutty.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2010 got robot? Kickoff Meeting

As a new season begins got robot? had it's first meeting on Saturday, Sept 4th. This is our third year as a team and patterns of what needs to be done and how to approach challenges seems second nature. The team enjoyed hot dogs and reunion time and then reviewed the mission videos on Youtube. After that it was downstairs to build the table elements.

One of the things we're doing different this year is putting the robot away for a few weeks so the team can concentrate on the tools and attachments needed to manipulate the mission models. Once the tools are developed they will be modified to accommodate robot platform to deliver the tools to each mission. I  know of a couple champion teams that do this and it makes sense. Another side benefit is that each team member can contribute without competing for use of the robot.

2010-2011 FLL Team #280:  (left to right) Matt, Roger, Kristen, Marc, and Ryan

Marc uses his telekinetic abilities to levitate his teammates
Roger flies off to save a kitty stuck in a tree