Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sorting and Preparation

The FLL Body Forward game elements arrived while we were away so our neighbor signed for the package and held it for us until we got back. This year everything was sent in one long box. The bags of LEGOS neatly tucked in the center of the rolled mission mat. There are quite a few LEGOs and the mission models will be fun. We got a lot of rubber bands--lots of pushing and activating this year. Matt and Kristen spent a couple days sorting the inventory into baggies so that every mission model will be ready to assemble at our first meeting. Should be fun--especially for Marc.

I haven't studied the mat very long but my first impression is that it's fairly open for navigation. Many of the mission models look to be set at angles away from convenient walls. I just hope there are more point and shoot missions for the newer teams this year. I thought last years challenge was tough for rookie teams.

This year got robot? has a returning team roster of five veteran members; Matt, Kristen, Marc, Roger and Ryan. Bradley and Jake have retired from FLL and will be missed.

On another note, my wife, Carol, is starting a rookie team at CWF (Christian Workshops of the Fox Valley), a homeschool co-op. So far, it looks like she'll have a team of 8-10 rookies. She's nervous but I have confidence she'll be a great coach.